Product review- Butter up!



Let me tell you about my secret weapon …

Name: Raw African Shea butter

Price: $5!

Where you can find it: Any local beauty store, I have yet to see it at the pharmacy or places like target.

Skin type: Normal, but reacts weird to extreme temperatures (too hot /too cold).

Why I like this product: My skin and the winter don’t get along. This cold weather leaves me feeling dry and sometimes itchy. Itching leads to scratching which leads to rashes and they are not a good look! Sam introduced me to this product about 2 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since . You can use it for just about everything- the label speaks for itself.

I apply this once a day over my entire body (preferably after showering before bed) so I wake up with my skin feeling like a baby’s bottom.

The Shea butter comes sort of grainy and hard so rubbing it between your hands will melt it and make the application much easier . ( or you can count on your bf to leave it on top of a radiator by accident until it melts -which is what happened to me) It doesn’t have much of a girly/pretty scent so I like to throw on some baby cologne after wards.

This product is also great in the summer and can be used as sunscreen, oh and perfect for massages 😉



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3 responses to “Product review- Butter up!

  1. My partner also uses it as hair gel. His hair stays in place all day, and it leaves him with lush healthy looking hair

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