Total Hair Envy- Vanessa


It’s our first Scavenger Hunt post!

On St. Patrick’s day, my friend Derrick invited me over for a potluck. During the potluck, I met his girlfriend, Vanessa who had the most amazing and healthy looking hair I have seen in real life. I had to ask her a few questions! Vanessa said that wintry weather makes her hair extremely dry which leads it to become easily tangled. So her precautions are as followed…

Name: Vanessa
Age: 21
Location: Brooklyn, NY (originally from San Francisco, CA)

Hair Care Regiment:

• Shampoos and conditions hair once or twice a week with Joico k-pak Reconstruct Shampoo and Conditoner for Dry or Damaged Hair (Shampoo: $15.80,; Conditioner: $12.99 at Walgreens)

• Deep conditions with Paul Mitchell’s Keratin Cream Rinse once a week for 15 minutes. ($19.59, available on

•Styled with Schwarzkpof OSiS Buff Styling Cream ($14.99,, finger curled her hair and air dried.

What’s your Beauty Secret? Her boyfriend’s Mom (Diane Oertwig, San Francisco based) is her hairdresser and beauty consultant.


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