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Back to school Beauty: San Juan edition

by : Katrina

Hello everyone! As I said on Manicure Monday I recently relocated to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’m a Virgo- I just can’t keep still. I got tired of work, work, oh and more work (& New Jersey) so I decided to just get up, leave, and go back to school. Why Puerto Rico? Why not? 😉 Coming from the hot NYC summer I figured the transition to the humid, rainy 90 degree weather everyday of PR would be a piece of cake but I was completely wrong.

1. my face freaked out – I have normal skin and never had problems with breakouts until I got here! It’s probably because of all the sweating. i know, gross.

2. Is there such thing as hair sun burn? because I definitely acquired that here.

3. I feel like I’m getting darker and darker by the second. Sun block has become part of my daily regimen for my entire body! (I don’t want to come back looking like a leather bag) same goes for OFF bug spray 😦

4. Last but definitely not least: Make-up. I’m limited to cool lipstick, mascara, little blush, and eyeliner if I’m lucky. Foundation or anything else? It’s just too hot for all that!

With the help of:

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Mosturizer SPF 30– Aveeno Daily moisturizer was too heavy and thick for me in this heat. This moisturizer is for acne prone skin, absorbs quickly to restore your skin’s natural balance, and provide a non-greasy, matte finish.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunscreen – SPF 70- the sun is real out here! This is my favorite sunblock so far. It’s super light weight and smells like baby lotion.

Aveeno Calming Body Wash– showering 3x/day, sunblock, and bug spray can definitely dry out your skin so bars of soap are out of the question for me. This creamy lather moisturizes my skin and is enriched with natural ingredients known for their calming benefits.

Shea Moisture Deep Masque -weekly for my sun burnt hair (product review in previous post :P)

I think I’m back to school ready!

Here is a slide show of some of my daily looks! enjoy 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyone have suggestions on lightweight foundations with SPF? something that can withstand this heat!



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Review: Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer

By: Thirteenth & Hudson

A few weeks ago we were very excited to receive our first beauty samples from Purelement Naturals. We received the Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer ($48). This moisturizer contains 100% Pure Argan Oil (contains vitamin E), lavender, frankincense, bergamot, carrot seed, myrrh, and geranium. These are all essential oils that are beneficial to skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, eczema, redness, and uneven skin tone. It is also multifaceted, an all-around beauty product; applicable to one’s face, body, and hair. We all tried out the moisturizer and worked it into our individual skin regiments. Here below are our individual experiences with Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer:

Kim: I have combination/ oily skin, so once I heard our samples were actually an oil–I freaked out. Oil on oil? Sounded like a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, that wasn’t my experience at all. I experimented with the oil, combining it with my usual nighttime moisturizer (Neutrogena’s Oil Free Moisture for Combination Skin) for a few nights and using it on it’s own once or twice. I absolutely LOVED the result! I woke up in the morning with my skin feeling incredibly refreshed. Obviously I was thrilled with the results, as I usually wake up dying to wash off the oily buildup my skin. Now, a simple splash of cool water and my moisturizer/ SPF combo is all I need for my face in the morning. Let me just tell you, when Purelement Naturals says “defend,” they mean it!

Katrina: I have normal skin so I rarely see any difference between moisturizers.  I was excited to try the oil moisturizer simply because it smelled so good.   I  wasn’t expecting it to do much for my skin but the Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer worked great as a nighttime moisturizer. I apply it before bed after washing my face with my daily cleanser and wake up to perfectly moisturized and soft skin. It’s feels so good that I don’t  even want to wash my face in the morning! I just rinse with lukewarm water instead.  After I rinse my face, my skin still feels moisturized, but I apply a dab (not even half of what I would usually apply) of my Aveeno moisturizer for the SPF. I also love that all you need is just two drops! A little goes a long way.

Sam: Before using the moisturizer I had skin that woke up looking dull and uneven, so I immediately thought to try this at night before bed. I apply it over my night serum. Just two drops; rubbing into my hands and all over my face and neck. I have combination/sensitive skin with the occasional hormonal flare ups, so the Argan Oil Defend Moisturizer made me feel like my skin has calmed down and the scent is intoxicating, puts me right to bed. (lol) In the morning, I now wake up with glowing skin that looks well rested, perfectly balanced, and not to mention so soft. I still have some left but when it’s empty I’m definitely going to get the full size bottle! This definitely has me curious as to what other goodies Purelement Naturals has to offer.

Thanks again, Purelement Naturals, for the taste of your liquid gold! We are official fans!

Check out Purelement Naturals!


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Our First Beauty Samples!

Hey guys, we’ve reached a baby milestone: we’ve received our first beauty samples to try out! 😀

Fellow blogger, Zhenya (BeingZhenya.com) recommended Purelement Naturals after Sam mentioned her love of Argan Oil. Before we knew it, Andriana Pilotto, the owner & founder or Purelement Naturals was sweet enough to offer some samples for us to try! We are so excited to test new beauty products and tell you about them.

We received samples of Purelement Naturals’ Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer:

photo (11)

The moisturizer contains argan oil, lavender, frankincense, bergamot, carrot seed, myrrh, and geranium, which are all natural, organic, or wild harvested ingredients. These mixtures of oils are ideal for all skin types, (that’s right oily and dry skin), and serves as treatments for acne, scars, eczema, age spots, wrinkles, and psoriasis. It can be used on your face, hair, and body.

We’re gonna test these babies out and give you guys a product review soon!

Check out what else Purelement Naturals has to offer your beauty on www.purelementnaturals.com

Tell us, have you experimented with oils on your skin or hair before?


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