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Shea Moisture- My Curl Thirst Quencher

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by Katrina

On the hunt for the right curl cream? Sam introduced me to Shea Moisture products, which was also suggested by Refinery 29. Before, I used Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curl cream and it just stopped working like everything else. My hair was also damaged from years of flat ironing at least 3x per week so I needed something to bring my hair back to life. I cut off what was left of my damaging ombre and started using the Deep Treatment Masque (available at Walgreens $8.99) once a week. I would leave it in over night and wash my hair in the morning.

What this product does: This all-natural intensive treatment masque deeply moisturizes and repairs dry, damaged, or brittle hair. (perfect for transitioning chemically treated hair to natural)
Pros: Affordable for those on a budget, smells good, contains sea kelp to seal and smooth hair cuticles, and argan oil to promote hair elasticity.
Cons: None (So Far)

While my hair is still wet, I apply the Curl Enhancing Smoothie(available at Walgreens $7.99).

What this product does: The nutrient rich vegetable butters condition hair, and restore moisture and shine. It enhances curls, minimizes frizz, and provides curl control.
Pros: A natural product. Contains coconut oil, silk protein , and neem oil which are all beneficial for curly hair! Smells amazing.
Cons: none!

Since I started using my hair feels very soft and my curls are more defined. Also, its lasts! no need to re-apply the curl enhancer the following morning. So far these products are the best products I’ve found for my hair. Get to Walgreens ASAP while they’re still on sale! I’ve been using these heaven sent products for 6 weeks now. Check out the slideshow for before and after pictures!

Has anyone else tried any of the Shea Moisture products? Please share your curly hair secrets with us!



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Product review- Butter up!



Let me tell you about my secret weapon …

Name: Raw African Shea butter

Price: $5!

Where you can find it: Any local beauty store, I have yet to see it at the pharmacy or places like target.

Skin type: Normal, but reacts weird to extreme temperatures (too hot /too cold).

Why I like this product: My skin and the winter don’t get along. This cold weather leaves me feeling dry and sometimes itchy. Itching leads to scratching which leads to rashes and they are not a good look! Sam introduced me to this product about 2 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since . You can use it for just about everything- the label speaks for itself.

I apply this once a day over my entire body (preferably after showering before bed) so I wake up with my skin feeling like a baby’s bottom.

The Shea butter comes sort of grainy and hard so rubbing it between your hands will melt it and make the application much easier . ( or you can count on your bf to leave it on top of a radiator by accident until it melts -which is what happened to me) It doesn’t have much of a girly/pretty scent so I like to throw on some baby cologne after wards.

This product is also great in the summer and can be used as sunscreen, oh and perfect for massages 😉


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