Breakouts Be Gone! – Bianca

by: Katrina

Hello everyone! Today I want to introduce my beautiful little sister… and her not so beautiful bumps (lol). For the past 23 years I’ve been lucky enough to not have bad breakouts (knock on wood) but my teenage sister unfortunately is experiencing them. She has gone through various facial cleansers and moisturizers. Many would clear up her face but nothing would KEEP the pimples away. Worrying and stressing over it made it worse so she finally got some help from a dermatologist. He prescribed her 2 topical medications:

1. FINACEA – first and only gel approved by the FDA to treat the bumps, pimples, and rosacea. It contains azelaic acid (AzA), a naturally occurring ingredient. It comes in a water-based gel (fragrance and alcohol free) and helps to limit allergic reaction and dryness

2. DIFFERIN- comes two ways: two different strengths, one gel and one lotion (doctor determines which is best for you). Bianca uses the clear gel which is for more challenging acne. It works under the skin’s surface to unclog pores, clear pimples, and most important – keep them away!

Name: Bianca

Age: 15

Skin Type: Oily

Skincare Routine: “When I wake up in the morning I rinse my face with cold water then dab it dry with a clean towel. Afterwards, I apply Finacea in pea size drops on my pimples and any marks on my face. Then, I apply Differen- pea size drops on my forehead, one on each cheek, and one on my chin and massage onto my face. I do this before I go to bed and sometimes after school if my face feels dirty.”

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Now my sister is acne free and enjoying life ! hahaha


Tell us! How do you treat your breakouts?



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2 responses to “Breakouts Be Gone! – Bianca

  1. Tea tree oil and/or picking the sh*t out of them which is so bad but I don’t get a lot (luckily). Haha love the afterwards jumping pic. Also you better lock your sister up. xo

  2. I always pick them too! I know it makes it worse, but it’s hard not to! I also use a toner and that seems to work pretty well. And since I’ve started cleaning my face with oil, I don’t get them that much!

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