Pretty & Pristine

By: Sam

Hey, hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Today, instead of simply showing off a cute manicure, I wanted to include a few tips of my own for maintaining strong and healthy nails.

As you know it is always important, whether at home or at the nail salon to use a base coat. This is the base coat I’ve been using for about a year:

image (28)

This base coat is made by a Colombian brand called, “Quimica Alemana“. I was introduced to this base coat by my local nail salon, Inwood Nails (4963 Broadway (between 207th St & 211th St) New York, NY 10034). My sister’s manicurist, Fisher always uses it on her nails and my sister liked it so much she purchased one from the salon. Ever since then, we both use it as a base coat wherever we go to get our nails done. It is advertised on ($7.39) as a “nail hardener”, treating nail chips, splits, and peeling. I also like to use it as a clear coat when I take a break from getting regular manicures (about once a month for about a week).

On my manicure “breaks” I also like to use NK’s Garlic Treatment (with Vitamin E) ($1.99):

image (29)

It is designed to condition and fortify the nail to heal and prevent the wear and tear of frequently manicured (and gel manicured) nails. I know the word garlic may be a put off, but it is scent-free. I recommend using this at least once a week if not more. This was also purchased at my local salon but can be found online!

So here’s my manicure for this week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I opted for something simple…for now. My birthday and graduation are coming up so I’m saving all the drama for later this week, lol. This is OPI’s “It’s a Girl” as the first coat and then I chose OPI’s “Princesses Rule!” as the shimmery second coat. ;). I can’t complain, my nails have been in pretty good shape since using these products.

What are your favorite base coats/nail treatments?



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2 responses to “Pretty & Pristine

  1. Your nails look great! I don’t usually use a base coat (too impatient) but I want to be better about it.

    I’d never heard of a garlic treatment for nails. Interesting!

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