On Our Radar: Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick


By: Kim

As we continue on our hunt for the perfect lip ensemble for the Spring, Sam stumbled on a new line of lipsticks from the vivacious brand, Buxom. We were instantly obsessed with these full-color, incredibly moisturizing pigments, and our collection has since grown to 3.

Infused with ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and coconut oil, these pigments have the power to plump (without the tingle), color & moisturize all at once.

The perks? These shades are long-lasting, and feel as smooth as a Chapstick when applied!

Available at Sephora for $21, these Buxom beauties are nothing short of a dream come true.

We’re loving “Rogue”, “Nudist”, and “Exhibitionist” from the line. Which color is the perfect hue for you?



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3 responses to “On Our Radar: Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick

  1. Love your blog! Take a look around mine, maybe something will spark your interest and you’ll subscribe! Hope to hear from you soon! šŸ™‚

  2. Love the second one i love nude tone.

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